Custom Foot Orthotics

Your feet are the foundation of your health. Individually designed Stabilizing Orthotics corrects imbalances in your feet and throughout your body. We design stabilizing Orthotics according to your postural shape so that it has the perfect shape and grip. Although this is is not the case when you buy Over the counter orthotics or the generic ones. You will notice that custom foot orthotic from most companies support only one arch. But when this happens, the problem is not solved but it gets diverted to any other part of the body.

There are several features of using costume foot orthotics. This helps in relieving knee and back pain. People feel a noticeable reduction in knee and back pain even while performing daily activities. Few foot abnormalities like bunion can also be treated with Orthotics. It has been proved in several researches that feet can align other joints of the pelvis & spine area. Our Stabilizing Orthotics provide more than just short-term symptom releif.

In short, With perfectly designed custom orthotics, you get customised fit, significantly redece pain and improve whole-body wellness for your life.

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