Genetic Testing

Nutrition, Health, & Wellness Genetic Test:

Unlock your genetic potential with our comprehensive Nutrition, Health, & Wellness Genetic Test.

It is a medical test that determines any changes in your genes, chromosome or proteins in your body. The test results can help in understanding your chances of developing a disorder which is genetic in nature. Thus the test either confirms or rules out the chances of developing the genetic disorder.

There are so many things about which we keep guessing.

The test identifies your genetic propensity for:

* Childhood and Adult Obesity * Diabetes * Autoimmune Disease

* Cardiovascular Disease * High Cholesterol * High Blood Pressure

* Bone Integrity/Osteoporosis * Certain Cancers * Lactose Intolerance

* Vitamin/Mineral Deficiency * Addictive Behaviors * Detoxification/Oxidative States and more!

It also Indentifies:

* Ideal Carbohydrate, protein, fat ratio * Best Exercise Routine * Optimal Exercise Duration

* Alcohol Sensitivity * Tendency to Overeat * Food Cravings and Much More!

The Program features the best diet, exercise, nutrition and lifestyle choices based on your unique genetic code. Our custom formulated daily supplement works on a cellular level to improve and protect your genetic weakness.

Recommended Age Range: 1 years old and above

Price: $495 or 3 payments of $165

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